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About the company

3T is Russian developer and producer of high quality ultrasound transducers and antenna array systems for industrial non-destructive testing of objects of ultraservice steel and their welded joints.

3T Mission is to be the pioneer in specific area and to create the world's best products at competitive price.

3T is the only Russian producer of ultrasound transducers focused only on production of broadband piezo-electric transducers with extremely short signals. This narrow specific choice of product range is based on 2 reasons:

  • Only extremely short broadband signals provide maximized effectiveness of ultrasound testing, ensuring the highest resolution, precision and stability of measurements in any kind of ultrasound testing methods of flaw detection, thickness control and tomography. 
  • Only few producers of ultrasound equipment in the world are able to develop and produce transducers with extremely short signals. 3T is one of them.

3T products have no analog in the world by method of receiving extremely short signals, because we don’t use composite piezo- ceramics but receive broadband signals using monolith piezo-element lead zirconate titanate.

Our Company has unique in the world production technologies for transducers and antenna arrays.
Wide experience with modern innovative constructive polymers lets us significantly increase durability and service life of transducers remaining its electric-ultrasound characteristics. Including 5-10 MHz frequency.

3T uses own technologies and experience in mass production of high quality products under brand SENDAST:

  • Transducers for flaw detection and thickness control of steel objects, constructions and welded joints
  • Transducers of automatic flaw detection and thickness control for industrial ultrasound systems
  • Phased and digitally focused antenna arrays for industrial tomographic equipment
  • TOFD transducers for flaw detection of steel objects and welded joints by TOFD. TOFD is modern, informative tool of industrial flaw detection

3T is the only TOFD transducers producer in Russia.

3T also focuses on adapting ultrasound transducers of other producers to achieve extremely short signals with them. This is the most easy way to increase resolution and measurement effectiveness of any ultrasound equipment and thus increase its competitiveness.