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Our tecnologies

"DeepDamp" – innovative technology of the 3T company. Own development.

"DeepDamp" is a technology of creation of a piezoelectric acoustic part of a transducer capable to generate one of world-best maximally broadband useful signals being extremely short by time. The technology provides a bandwidth up to 140% in the frequency range from 0,5 to 10MHz.

"DeepDamp" is based on the outlook of modern materials science, solid state physics, chemistry and the possibilities of obtaining a maximum mechanical, acoustic and electrical matching between piezoelectric crystals with their environment.

The technological operations of microelectronic level applied in manufacturing integrated microcircuits and microstructures are involved in "DeepDamp". Such level of technological accuracy provides high recurrence and efficiency of electro-acoustic characteristics.

"DeepDamp" has fundamental difference from technologies of the best world brands - it is ability to receive broadband signals on just traditional ceramic piezoelements, and not on composite ones, what gives additional benefits:

  • operating temperature at a ceramic piezoelement is up to +220 °C, at a composite one is up to +100 °C
  • the mechanical strength of a ceramic piezoelement is much more than of a composite one
  • the overall reliability of a ceramic piezoelement is much more than of a composite one
  • density of a wave flow at a ceramic piezoelement is more even, than at a composite one