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рейсшина Opora СО-3
рейсшина Opora СО-3
рейсшина Rels V2 на образце
рейсшина Rels СОП на образце
рейсшина Opora СО-3

The Russia's first special directing T-squares increasing the speed, accuracy and recurrence of measurements and calibrations on ultrasonic calibration  block of CO-2, CO-3, V2 and COП.

T-squares are recommended for use:

  • In the laboratories of nondestructive testing
  • In sites of non-destructive testing at enterprises
  • In technical inspection departments at manufacturing enterprises producing ultrasonic transducers

The main function of T-squares is providing straight trajectory of ultrasonic transducers movement on the ultrasonic calibration blocks. This very fact increases the static character of flaw detection oscillograms (A-scans), and this effectively increases the accuracy and speed of parameters measuring of transducers and calibration and adjusting actions.

The optional function of T-squares is an effective detection of the azimuthal deflection of the ultrasonic beam in transducers.

Consumer properties of T-squares

Combination of simplicity of a design and efficiency of use

High performance properties
  • Instant installation on a calibration block
  • Improving the accuracy of measuring transducer parameters
  • Increasing the speed of calibration and adjustment actions
  • Additional availability of accurate measuring scales
  • The minimum friction of the transducer on the T-square
  • High smoothness of movement of the transducer
High strength and quality of performance
  • Made of lightweight durable aviation alloy
  • High-precision CNC manufacturing
  • Colored protective and decorative coating
  • The appearance corresponds to the requirements of OST4.G0.070.014
  • High-precision laser graduated scale
Autofixing of T-squares position on calibration blocks
It is provided by the geometry, the built in magnets and anti-slip pads