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T-square RELS CO-2

The RELS CO-2 T-square provides straight trajectory of ultrasonic transducers movement on a standard CO-2 calibration block.

The T-square provides perpendicularity of a trajectory of movement to the hole of CO-2 calibration block.

The T-square effectively increases the speed and accuracy of determining the following parameters:

  • Entry angle of П121 transducers, on reflection from the Ø6mm hole at 44mm depth
  • Entry angle of П121 transducers, on reflection from the Ø6mm hole at 15mm depth (For П121 with a nominal frequency of ≥ 5 MHz and a nominal entry angle ≥ 60°)
  • Directional diagram width
  • Checking transducer dead zone
  • Checking flaw detector depth gauge error
  • Setting the relative sensitivity
  • Determination of extreme sensitivity


Material Aluminium alloy
Overall dimensions (L×W×h)mm218×38×10
Weightgr36 ± 2
Protective and decorative coating Colored anodic oxidation
Scale Not available
Built-in magnets Not available
Setting dimensionsmm210×30
Backlash of fittingmmНе более 0.2
Active work surface of CO-2 calibration block with fixed T-squaremm198×24
Directing brink of a straight path Inclined at an angle of 45°


Geometry of T-square fixes its unequivocal position on the CO-2 calibration block.

Inclined directing brink minimizes the friction of the transducer, improves the smoothness of movement, optically doesn’t close the entry point on the transducer.

T-square, in principle, does not fix the position of the transducer. It additionally allows you to quickly and clearly identify the azimuthal deflection of the beam by rotating the transducer, while maintaining a straight path of movement on CO-2 calibration block.